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Mining and Sediment Impacts

Adverse environmental impacts can arise from the accelerated entry of sediments into receiving waters, and mining developments have the potential to create such problems.

When a surface mine is excavated, originally consolidated overburden material is fractured, removed and then backfilled as a heterogeneous mixture. This results in a large mass of permeable material (mining spoil) subject to weathering and erosion that may affect the quality of water intercepted by the spoil or receiving its drainage waters.

EnviroGulf Consulting can make predictions of the magnitude, frequency and duration of suspended sediment concentrations in receiving waters under different flow regimes. These data may then be used in a probabilistic assessment of aquatic biological effects.

Technical Services

The following analyses can be performed by EnviroGulf Consulting's subcontracted analytical and geochemical laboratories or measured in the field:


Sediment physical properties:

Sediment chemical properties:

Consulting Services

The assessment of the effects of mine-derived sediments entering receiving waters is complex. EnviroGulf Consulting uses a multidisciplinary approach comprising consultation with the client's in-house mining engineers and the use of subconsultants (hydrologists) having a proven track record in the analysis of sediment transport capacity.

EnviroGulf Consulting offers the following services to clients in association with subconsultant hydrologists:

Hydrological analyses:

Impact assessment:



Relevant Experience

The Principal of EnviroGulf Consulting has carried out numerous sediment impact assessment and evaluations, for example:




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