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Sewage Effluents

Environmental impacts have been attributed to the discharge of treated sewage effluents to receiving freshwater, estuarine and marine environments.

Domestic sewage treated to secondary or tertiary level generally produces an effluent that has low toxicity but, after dilution in receiving waters, has the potential to stimulate growth within biological receptor populations by nutrient enrichment. On the other hand, domestic sewage having an industrial waste component produces an effluent after secondary or tertiary treatment, similar to the above, but tends to contain low residual concentrations of persistent contaminants that may accumulate in the receiving water environment.

EnviroGulf Consulting undertakes assignments to conduct environmental impact assessments of sewage effluents in receiving freshwater, estuarine or marine ecosystems.

Technical Services

EnviroGulf Consulting undertakes field surveys to assess receiving water quality and aquatic biological effects of sewage effluent and storm water overflows. Internationally-registered laboratories are subcontracted by EnviroGulf Consulting to conduct the following types of analyses:

General chemistry:

Consulting Services

EnviroGulf Consulting offers the following services to clients:


Relevant Experience

The Principal of EnviroGulf Consulting has experience in the physico-chemical, biological and microbiological assessment of waters containing sewage effluents.




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